Jack Douglas: The Artistic Imprint in Aerosol Alley, Artists Lane, Melbourne

aerosol alley artists lane jack douglas

The Artwork: Aerosol Alley, Artists Lane Mural

In the vibrant canvas of Melbourne’s street art scene, Jack Douglas, an Australian artist born in 1901, made an unforgettable mark with his mural in Aerosol Alley, Artists Lane. This piece, created on March 2, 2014, stands as a testament to Douglas’ artistic flair and enduring impact.

The Artist: Jack Douglas

Jack Douglas, an Australian artist whose lifespan extended from the turn of the 20th century, contributed significantly to the cultural landscape through his artistic endeavors. His specific biography and details remain elusive, but his artwork speaks volumes about his creativity.

Location and Significance

The mural by Jack Douglas graces the walls of Aerosol Alley, Artists Lane, a renowned spot within Melbourne’s street art circuit. This location serves as a hub for artistic expression, allowing artists like Douglas to showcase their talents and contribute to the city’s urban art narrative.

Provenance and Copyright

The creation of the mural in Aerosol Alley is attributed to David Russell under his copyright. Russell’s photography captures the essence of Melbourne’s street art, preserving and documenting these transient artworks for posterity.

Mural as an Art Form

Douglas’ mural falls within the realm of street art, portraying a story, message, or aesthetic that resonates with viewers. Through his unique style and artistic expression, he adds layers of creativity and visual appeal to the urban environment.

External Link and Artistic Documentation

For a closer look at the mural and additional insights into Melbourne’s street art scene, David Russell’s photography website (http://davidrussellphotography.com.au) serves as a valuable resource, offering glimpses into the diverse and captivating world of urban art.


Jack Douglas’ mural in Aerosol Alley, Artists Lane, adds to the cultural richness of Melbourne’s street art landscape. Though details about the artist remain somewhat enigmatic, his artwork continues to engage, inspire, and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of creativity that defines Melbourne’s urban art scene.

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