Unwell Bunny and Jack Douglas: Artists of Aerosol Alley, Artists Lane

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Exploring Melbourne’s Vibrant Street Art by Unwell Bunny and Jack Douglas

In the heart of Melbourne, Australia, lies the vibrant and artistically-rich enclave known as Aerosol Alley, Artists Lane. This alleyway serves as a canvas for renowned artists, including Unwell Bunny and Jack Douglas, who collaborated on a mural that captivated audiences in early March 2014.

Aerosol Alley, Artists Lane: The Canvas of Expression

Aerosol Alley, nestled within Artists Lane, Melbourne, embodies the city’s dynamic street art scene. It serves as a creative hub, allowing artists like Unwell Bunny and Jack Douglas to transform its walls into captivating murals that reflect their artistic vision.

The Collaborative Mural: Unwell Bunny and Jack Douglas

In March 2014, Unwell Bunny and Jack Douglas collaborated on a mural, marking their creative synergy within the Melbourne street art landscape. The specifics of the artwork are not explicitly detailed, but their joint effort in contributing to the urban art scene remains a notable milestone.

Creator Details and Nationality

Unwell Bunny, known for their unique street art style, and Jack Douglas, an artist with a distinct visual language, jointly contributed to the mural. Both artists hail from Australia, showcasing their artistic talent within their homeland’s streets.

Date and Location

The collaborative mural by Unwell Bunny and Jack Douglas took shape on March 2nd, 2014, adorning the walls of Aerosol Alley, Artists Lane, in Melbourne. This significant artwork became an integral part of the alley’s ever-evolving street art landscape.

Provenance and External Link

The mural’s provenance, attributed to the copyright of David Russell, highlights the significance of documenting and preserving street art through photography. An external link provided as http://davidrussellphotography.com.au potentially showcases the visual documentation of Melbourne’s street art scene.


The collaborative mural by Unwell Bunny and Jack Douglas stands as a testament to the dynamic and diverse nature of Melbourne’s street art culture. Aerosol Alley, Artists Lane, continues to serve as a platform for artists to express themselves, leaving an enduring legacy within the vibrant tapestry of Melbourne’s artistic landscape.

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