Alchimie Green: A Collaborative Creation by Stéphane Carricondo, Ned, and Jerk45

alchimie green

Title: Alchimie Green

  • Creator Lifespan: 1971
  • Creator Nationality: French
  • Creator Gender: Male
  • Date: 2013/2014
  • Location Created: Paris, France
  • Peintre: Carricondo/Jerk45/Ned
  • Type: Mix Media on Paper
  • Provenance: 9eme Concept

Exploring the Collaborative Artistry of Alchimie Green

“Alchimie Green” is a significant collaborative creation attributed to the artists Stéphane Carricondo, Ned, and Jerk45. This mix media on paper artwork surfaced between 2013 and 2014 in the vibrant streets of Paris, France, brought forth by the esteemed collective 9eme Concept.

The Fusion of Talents

The trio of Carricondo, Ned, and Jerk45 amalgamated their artistic prowess to forge this remarkable piece. Each artist, known for their unique style and contributions to the world of street art, combined their visions, techniques, and skills to bring “Alchimie Green” to life.

Provenance and Type

The artwork’s provenance underlines its affiliation with 9eme Concept, an art collective known for its innovative contributions to street art. The use of mix media on paper indicates the diverse artistic elements integrated into this creation, potentially including various mediums, techniques, and textures.


“Alchimie Green” stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit and artistic synergy that flourishes within the realm of street art. The blend of Carricondo’s, Ned’s, and Jerk45’s distinct styles converges into a visual spectacle, showcasing their collective talent and imagination within the bustling cityscape of Paris, France.

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