Apset & Rino’s Artistry at 4th Street Mode Festival

apset rino at 4th street mode festival apset rino
  • Title: Apset & Rino at 4th Street Mode Festival
  • Creators: Apset & Rino
  • Creator Lifespan: Unknown
  • Date: 2012/2012
  • Location Created: Thermi – Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Type: Graffiti / Street Art
  • Longitude: 23.019628
  • Latitude: 40.54713

Unveiling Urban Creativity: Apset & Rino’s Collaboration

The 4th Street Mode Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece, witnessed a vibrant display of urban artistry by the collaborative efforts of Apset & Rino. The amalgamation of their talents transformed Thermi into a canvas for artistic expression, showcasing the essence of graffiti and street art.

Exploring the Festival

In 2012, the streets of Thessaloniki became an open-air gallery as the duo contributed their unique style to the Street Mode Festival. Through their collaborative work, Apset & Rino added vivid colors, bold strokes, and intricate designs to the urban landscape, redefining the traditional concept of art and engaging the audience with their creative narrative.

Graffiti & Street Art: Their Medium of Choice

Apset & Rino’s graffiti and street art underscore the fusion of individual styles and techniques, capturing the essence of contemporary urban art. Their collaborative efforts merged diverse influences, leaving an indelible mark on Thermi’s streetscape.

Location and Legacy

The coordinates—Longitude: 23.019628, Latitude: 40.54713—marked the physical location where this display of artistic brilliance transpired. Though the specifics about the lifespan of these artists remain unknown, their impactful contribution to the Street Mode Festival in 2012 left an enduring legacy within Thessaloniki’s cultural narrative.


The collaborative venture of Apset & Rino at the 4th Street Mode Festival highlighted their prowess in graffiti and street art, capturing the essence of urban creativity. Their contribution to the festival exemplified the transformative power of art in engaging communities and reshaping the urban landscape into an expressive and vibrant canvas.

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