Unveiling Childhood Whimsy: Nicolae Negura’s “As a Child” in Lisbon

A Painter’s Timeless Imagination

  • Title: As a Child
  • Creator: Nicolae Negura – Nico
  • Date: 2012/2012
  • Location Created: Calçada da Glória, Lisboa

Nicolae Negura – A Brief Glimpse into the Artist’s World

Nicolae Negura, known as Nico, breathed life into the streets of Lisbon with his ephemeral masterpiece titled “As a Child.” Born in 1900 and leaving his artistic imprint until 2014, Nico’s work transcends temporal boundaries, inviting viewers into a world where the whimsy of childhood meets the reality of adulthood.

Calçada da Glória: The Canvas of Imagination

The enchanting piece is situated on Calçada da Glória, Lisbon, as part of the “Calçada da Glória” project. Nico’s creation, in digital form, captures the essence of childhood fantasy, featuring a magic lamp, a winged dragon, a moon donned like a hat, a bottle holding a mysterious message, a boy peering from a paper boat, and adults who fall into this captivating universe that straddles fantasy and reality.

Technique and Description: A Painting of Nostalgic Whimsy

Executed in 2012, “As a Child” is a testament to Nico’s mastery of the painting technique. The piece portrays a magical narrative, blending imaginative elements seamlessly. The choice of a winged dragon, a recurring motif in Nico’s work, adds a touch of fantasy, inviting viewers to escape into the realms of their own childhood memories.

Digital Legacy: Capturing the Elusive Beauty

Regrettably, “As a Child” is no longer available in physical form, residing solely in the digital realm. This decision adds an air of exclusivity to the artwork, preserving its essence for those who can appreciate the magic through a screen.

Nicolae Negura’s Contribution to Urban Art

Nico’s artistic legacy extends beyond “As a Child.” His work reflects a profound connection to the imaginative spirit, making a lasting impression on the urban landscape. With an innate ability to transport viewers to the wonder-filled realms of childhood, Nico’s contributions to the world of street art continue to inspire and captivate.

Conclusion: A Timeless Journey Through the Streets of Lisbon

“As a Child” stands as a testament to Nicolae Negura’s ability to capture the timeless magic of childhood within the urban canvas. In the heart of Lisbon, this digital masterpiece invites passers-by to reminisce about the fantastical worlds of their youth, proving that, even in the transient world of street art, some creations possess the power to endure.

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