Rai Cruz: Expressive Street Art in Metro Manila

balut rai cruz

The Artwork: “Balut”

In November 2011, Filipino street artist Rai Cruz contributed a notable piece titled “Balut” as part of the Filipino Street Art Project in Metro Manila, Philippines. Known for his unique approach to street art, Cruz’s work often speaks volumes about Filipino culture and societal narratives.

The Creator: Rai Cruz

Rai Cruz, a male Filipino artist born in Las Piñas City, Philippines, is recognized for his contributions to the urban art scene in Metro Manila. His distinct style often utilizes acrylic paint as the medium to convey his artistic expression and commentary.

Location and Provenance

The creation of “Balut” took place in Imus, Cavite, Philippines. Cruz’s artistry encompasses various regions, contributing to the cultural landscape of different areas within the Philippines. The piece’s provenance lies with Rai Cruz, indicating his direct involvement and ownership of the artwork.

Street Art Significance

Cruz’s “Balut” likely presents a vivid and thought-provoking visual narrative. Street art is a form of expression that often resonates with local culture, societal issues, or personal commentary. Given Cruz’s penchant for representing Filipino culture, “Balut” might encapsulate themes that echo the essence of Filipino identity or social reflections.


Rai Cruz’s contribution to the Filipino Street Art Project in Metro Manila with his creation “Balut” serves as a testament to his artistic endeavors in portraying Filipino narratives through street art. His work, infused with cultural significance and creative innovation, adds vibrancy to the urban art scene in the Philippines, showcasing his unique perspective and artistic talent.

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