Gerilya’s “Bathala”: Filipino Street Art Masterpiece

bathala gerilya

The Filipino Street Art Project witnessed the emergence of “Bathala,” a captivating piece created by the enigmatic collective known as Gerilya. This artwork, born in 2012, stood as a testament to the collective’s innovative approach and their significant contributions to the Metro Manila street art scene.

About Gerilya

Gerilya, a collective of Filipino artists, utilized street art as a medium to amplify their socio-political messages. Comprised of both male and female artists, Gerilya’s identity remains intentionally obscured, allowing their artwork to speak louder than their individual personas.

“Bathala”: A Street Art Masterpiece

The creation of “Bathala” in 2012 marked a milestone in Gerilya’s portfolio. Situated in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines, this piece utilized acrylic paint as its medium. “Bathala” symbolized Gerilya’s fusion of Filipino cultural elements with contemporary street art techniques.

Filipino Street Art Project and Gerilya’s Legacy

The Filipino Street Art Project served as a platform for Gerilya’s “Bathala,” showcasing their ability to merge indigenous narratives with modern urban artistry. Through their deliberate anonymity, Gerilya underscored the importance of their art’s message over individual recognition.

Medium and Provenance

Utilizing acrylic paint, Gerilya’s “Bathala” exhibited a vivid and striking visual appeal. The provenance of this artwork directly ties back to Gerilya, emphasizing their ownership and authorship of this significant piece within the street art realm.

Gerilya’s Impact and Contribution

Gerilya’s “Bathala” remains an emblematic representation of their commitment to using street art as a tool for cultural expression and social commentary. Their influence within the Filipino street art scene persists, inspiring a new generation of artists to blend tradition with contemporary artistic forms.


Gerilya’s “Bathala” stands as a testament to their fusion of cultural heritage with contemporary street art techniques. Through deliberate anonymity, Gerilya’s collective effort emphasizes the significance of their message, leaving an enduring impact on the Filipino street art landscape in Metro Manila and beyond.

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