Nina Ghafari: Illuminating Social Inequalities Through Art

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“Beasts of No Nation – Another Place/Figure for Landscape”

Nina Ghafari, an Iranian-Norwegian visual artist and street poet, unveiled her powerful installation, “Beasts of No Nation” (or “Another Place/Figure for Landscape”), during the Nuart festival in 2018. Inspired by Antony Gormley’s “Another Place” and Barbara Hepworth’s “Figure for Landscape,” Ghafari’s installation offers a poignant narrative that delves into the realities of displacement and the human condition.

Artistic Expression Reflecting Social Realities

As a second-generation immigrant, Ghafari’s art serves as a voice for marginalized communities, echoing the experiences of social and political inequalities prevalent in Norway. Her work reflects the profound societal issues she has witnessed and encountered firsthand. Ghafari’s repertoire spans paintings, sculptures, assemblages, and texts, offering a multi-dimensional exploration of societal themes.

A Renaissance of the Art Scene in Stavanger

Beyond her artistry, Ghafari has been instrumental in shaping the independent art scene in Stavanger over the past decade. As a self-taught artist, she has embraced diverse mediums, ranging from music, production, and fashion to visual art and performance. Her eclectic influences encompass outsider art, Basquiat, Bäst, CoBrA, underground hip-hop aesthetics, and the Arte Povera movement.

Creative Influences and Inspirations

Ghafari’s oeuvre, often presented in unconventional settings, is a testament to her commitment to art outside the confines of traditional spaces. Her installations and art forms offer a visual commentary on social disparities, seeking to evoke introspection and empathy in viewers. The juxtaposition of her influences, ranging from avant-garde art movements to street culture, underscores the diversity and dynamism of her creative process.

The Impact of “Beasts of No Nation”

The installation, situated at an abandoned house on Dusavikveien 124, Stavanger, features Ghafari’s thought-provoking messages like “only love is real” and “what would you do if you were a refugee.” Through this immersive piece, Ghafari invites contemplation on themes of displacement, love, and the human experience, fostering conversations on societal challenges and the pursuit of empathy and understanding.

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