ApEe+: Redefining Urban Artistry with “Bombe 400ml customisée”

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ApEe+: Redefining Urban Artistry with “Bombe 400ml customisée”

In 2008, the artist known as ApEe+ left an indelible mark on the Parisian street art scene with the creation of “Bombe 400ml customisée.” This artwork, part of the 400 ML Project by Le MUR’s association, showcased ApEe+’s innovative approach to urban artistry, transforming the canvas of Paris, France, into a vibrant expression of creativity.

The Title: Unveiling ApEe+’s Vision

The artwork titled “Bombe 400ml customisée” suggests a focus on customized 400ml spray paint cans, hinting at ApEe+’s exploration of unconventional mediums within street art. While specific details regarding the imagery or thematic elements of this particular artwork remain undisclosed, its inclusion in the 400 ML Project signifies the artist’s prowess in engaging with urban spaces in novel ways.

ApEe+: An Enigmatic Artist

ApEe+’s identity remains veiled, contributing to the mystique surrounding the artist’s creations. Despite the lack of personal details, the artist’s work speaks volumes, reflecting a fusion of styles, techniques, and an innovative spirit that challenges the norms of conventional graffiti.

The 400 ML Project: A Collaborative Endeavor

Being part of Le MUR’s association’s project signifies the collective effort to provide a platform for street artists to exhibit their work in a curated manner, further legitimizing and celebrating street art as a prominent form of artistic expression.

ApEe+’s Contribution to Parisian Street Art

ApEe+’s artwork serves as a testament to the artist’s ability to transform urban landscapes into captivating art galleries, fostering a dialogue between the public and the artistic realm. Though specifics about “Bombe 400ml customisée” remain undisclosed, ApEe+’s contribution to Paris’s street art legacy remains undeniable.


ApEe+’s “Bombe 400ml customisée” stands as a representation of the artist’s innovative spirit and contribution to Paris’s vibrant street art scene. Despite the limited details available, the artwork’s inclusion in the 400 ML Project highlights ApEe+’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of street art and redefining the artistic landscape within urban settings.

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