The Street Artist: BANG and the Customized Bombe 400ML

bombe 400ml customisC3%A9e bang

Artist Identity

The artist known as BANG is associated with the creation of a customized Bombe 400ML, an artwork that emerged in Italy in 2008.

The Creation: Bombe 400ML Customization

In 2008, BANG contributed to the street art scene by customizing a Bombe 400ML. Unfortunately, specific details about the nature of this customization or its visual elements remain scarce, leaving an air of mystery surrounding this particular artwork.

Impact and Legacy

BANG’s endeavor with the customized Bombe 400ML, although lacking in detailed information, adds to the artist’s presence within the street art realm. This creation might signify the artist’s engagement with urban expression and the street art culture prevalent in Italy during that time.


BANG’s customized Bombe 400ML, while shrouded in limited details, represents the artist’s contribution to the street art scene in Italy in 2008. Despite the lack of specific information regarding the artwork’s content or significance, it remains a part of the artist’s portfolio and contributes to the broader conversation surrounding street art in Italy during that period.

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