BINHO BARRETO’s Artistic Overture with Bombe 400ML

bombe 400ml customisC3%A9e binho barreto

Exploring the Chromatic Canvas

  • Title: Bombe 400ML customisée
  • Creator: BINHO BARRETO
  • Date: 2008
  • Location: Paris, France


BINHO BARRETO, the creative force behind the Bombe 400ML customisée, is an artist whose name resonates in the world of street art. Born with an innate talent for transforming the urban landscape, Binho’s artistry extends beyond conventional boundaries. His legacy, enriched by a diverse array of projects, is a testament to his commitment to the chromatic canvas.

Bombe 400ML: A Fusion of Medium and Imagination

In 2008, BINHO BARRETO embarked on the Bombe 400ML project, a collaboration facilitated by Le MUR’s association in the vibrant streets of Paris. The project served as a canvas for Binho’s artistic exploration, fusing the 400ML medium with his boundless imagination. The result was not just a customized spray can; it was an artistic statement that transcended traditional notions of urban expression.

Parisian Palette: BINHO’s Art in the City of Lights

Paris, renowned as the City of Lights, became the backdrop for BINHO BARRETO’s expressive endeavor. The Bombe 400ML, enriched by Binho’s distinctive style, added a unique stroke to the tapestry of Parisian street art. The collaboration with Le MUR’s association marked not only a creative alliance but also a cultural dialogue woven into the urban fabric.

Beyond 2008: BINHO’s Artistic Odyssey

BINHO BARRETO’s journey extends far beyond the Bombe 400ML project. With a career marked by versatility, he has left an indelible mark on walls and surfaces across the globe. From his native Brazil to international metropolises, Binho’s art tells stories, challenges perspectives, and celebrates the kaleidoscope of human expression.


BINHO BARRETO’s Bombe 400ML customisée encapsulates more than an artistic collaboration; it symbolizes the fusion of medium and imagination, the intersection of urban landscapes and vibrant hues. As we delve into the world of BINHO BARRETO’s Parisian endeavor, we witness the transformative power of art, where a spray can becomes a vessel for creativity, a conduit for dialogue, and a brushstroke in the grand mural of urban expression.

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