MIGEL 156’s Artistry Unleashed: “Bombe 400ML customisée”

MIGEL 156’s Artistry Unleashed: “Bombe 400ML customisée”
MIGEL 156’s Artistry Unleashed: “Bombe 400ML customisée”

Decoding the Canvas: “Bombe 400ML customisée” by MIGEL 156

Title: Bombe 400ML customisée

Creator: MIGEL 156

Date: 2008

MIGEL 156: The Creative Force

  • Creator: MIGEL 156

MIGEL 156, the artistic virtuoso behind “Bombe 400ML customisée,” has left an indelible mark on the street art scene. With a name that resonates within the urban art community, MIGEL 156’s creative journey has been influential in shaping the narrative of Parisian street art.

Unveiling “Bombe 400ML customisée”

  • Date: 2008

In the year 2008, MIGEL 156 brought to life the captivating piece, “Bombe 400ML customisée.” This artwork is not just a visual spectacle; it’s a testament to MIGEL 156’s ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, utilizing the canvas of Parisian streets.

The 400 ML Project: Le MUR’s Association

The creation of “Bombe 400ML customisée” is part of the 400 ML Project, facilitated by Le MUR’s association. This collaborative effort highlights the synergy between artists and art organizations, fostering a vibrant street art culture within the streets of Paris.

The Parisian Tapestry: “Bombe 400ML customisée” Takes Center Stage

Situated in the heart of Paris, “Bombe 400ML customisée” becomes an integral part of the city’s artistic tapestry. The chosen location serves as a deliberate canvas for MIGEL 156’s expression, contributing to the dynamic visual narrative that defines the streets of Paris.

MIGEL 156’s Customization: A Visual Symphony

“Bombe 400ML customisée” bears the signature style of MIGEL 156, showcasing a mastery of customization. The artist’s ability to breathe life into a simple object like a spray can elevates the piece beyond conventional street art, creating a dynamic visual symphony that resonates with the observer.

Parisian Street Art: A Reflection of MIGEL 156’s Influence

MIGEL 156’s impact on Parisian street art extends beyond “Bombe 400ML customisée.” As a creative force, MIGEL 156’s contributions have become woven into the cultural fabric of Paris, influencing aspiring artists and contributing to the city’s reputation as a global hub for street art.


In the intricate dance between artist and canvas, MIGEL 156’s “Bombe 400ML customisée” emerges as a beacon of creativity within the Parisian landscape. As viewers traverse the streets adorned with MIGEL 156’s creations, they become participants in the ongoing dialogue between urban environments and the transformative power of street art.

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