Bombe 400ML customisée: SHAT’s Artistic Symphony Across Borders

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Unveiling SHAT’s Creative Explosion

  • Title: Bombe 400ML customisée
  • Creator: SHAT
  • Date: 2008
  • Location: JAPAN

Crafting a Symphony with 400ML

The Genesis of the Bombe 400ML Project

In the heart of Paris, the Bombe 400ML customisée project emerged as a testament to the boundless creativity found within the realms of street art. Facilitated by Le MUR’s association, this initiative brought together artists who embraced the 400ML canvas to unleash their visual symphonies upon the city walls.

SHAT: The Maestro Behind the Bombe 400ML

At the center of this explosive venture was the artist known as SHAT. A maestro in the world of street art, SHAT’s identity often cloaked in anonymity, yet the impact of their work resonates across geographical borders.

The 2008 Overture in Japan

Bombe 400ML Finds a Canvas in Japan

The Bombe 400ML customisée, orchestrated by SHAT in 2008, found its unique canvas not in the streets of Paris but across the seas in Japan. The fusion of French street art sensibilities with the rich cultural tapestry of Japan resulted in an artistic dialogue that transcended linguistic and geographical barriers.

Crafting a Visual Symphony

As the 400ML cans were transformed into vessels of creativity, SHAT’s art echoed through the Japanese landscape. Each stroke, every burst of color, and the rhythmic dance of the spray paint contributed to a visual symphony that unfolded on the walls of Japan.

SHAT: An Enigma in the Street Art Symphony

Beyond Borders: SHAT’s Global Impact

While the Bombe 400ML project was a localized event, SHAT’s influence extends far beyond the streets of Japan. The artist’s ability to weave cultural nuances into their work speaks to the universal language of art, making every creation a bridge between worlds.


In the realm of street art, SHAT’s contribution to the Bombe 400ML customisée project in Japan stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression. As the echoes of this visual symphony reverberate through time, the enigmatic artist continues to leave an indelible mark on the global canvas, reminding us that art knows no boundaries.

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