Celebrating C215: An Icon of Parisian Street Art

c215 at les bains rC3%A9sidence d artistes special project photo st%C3%A9phane bisseuil c215

Title: C215 at Les Bains, R├ęsidence d’artistes. Special project. Photo: St├ęphane Bisseuil

Creator: C215

Date: 2013

Location Stored: MoSA, 78, rue Amelot Paris 75011

Location Created: Paris, France

C215, born in Vitry sur Seine, France, both resides and works in Vitry sur Seine, his birthplace. His signature style predominantly utilizes stencils, portraying themes of childhood and the marginalized in society. He captures the city’s essence, paying tribute to its inhabitants in a distinctive style characterized by fine lines, layers of color, and subtle overlays reminiscent of cracks.

After pursuing Art History studies at Sorbonne, C215 began showcasing his stencils in public spaces. Often drawing inspiration from Caravaggio or Ernest Pignon Ernest, he swiftly became a prominent figure in French street art. He showcases his artistry on various canvases, favoring walls, doors, and musical instruments. His quick technique grants him artistic freedom, portraying numerous faces in his pictorial vocabulary. His delicate work on portraiture draws from both anonymous figures and references to art history classics.

From Edie Sedgwick in Ibiza to Botticelli’s virgins in Barcelona and impoverished children in the favelas, C215’s artworks accompany us, emerging as faces in a crowd that was once opaque.

Today, his trace adorns walls worldwide, spanning cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and more. His exhibitions in Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Toronto, and others serve as testaments to his prolific career, his art akin to a visual travelogue reflecting his journey across the globe.

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