Andrea LaHue’s Earthday Celebration: Calla Lilies Map Series

calla lilies for earthday 2013 map series random act and andrea lahue

Calla Lilies for Earthday 2013: A Floral Tapestry by Andrea LaHue

Renowned artist Andrea LaHue, in collaboration with Random Act Projects, unveiled the mesmerizing “Calla Lilies for Earthday 2013” map series in March 2013. This project, consisting of 13 unique maps, celebrated Earthday with a burst of floral creativity in Los Angeles, California.

Random Act and Andrea LaHue: The Creative Force

Random Act, collaborating with Andrea LaHue, brought the Calla Lilies map series to life. LaHue, recognized for her distinctive artistic style, infused the project with creativity and environmental consciousness, marking a unique intersection of art and nature.

A Tapestry of Nature: Earthday 2013

The Calla Lilies map series was conceived as a celebration of Earthday 2013. Each map, intricately designed by Andrea LaHue, served as a visual ode to the beauty of nature and the importance of environmental awareness.

Olympic and La Brea: The Floral Canvas

The physical location of this floral tapestry was Olympic and La Brea in Los Angeles, California, USA. This strategic placement ensured that the Calla Lilies maps became an integral part of the urban landscape, transforming a street corner into an outdoor art gallery.

Rights: Andrea LaHue

The creative rights for the Calla Lilies map series are attributed to Andrea LaHue. This acknowledgment underscores the artist’s ownership and control over her work, ensuring its integrity and preservation as part of her artistic legacy.

Medium: Paste Up and Acrylic Paint

The medium employed by Andrea LaHue for this project is a combination of paste up and acrylic paint. This tactile and visually striking approach reflects the artist’s versatility, seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary techniques to bring the Calla Lilies to life on the streets of Los Angeles.

A Visual Symphony: 13 Maps, One Vision

The Calla Lilies map series consists of 13 individual pieces, each contributing to a visual symphony that celebrates the elegance of the Calla Lily flower. Andrea LaHue’s artistic vision unfolds through this series, inviting viewers to explore the nuances of nature within an urban context.

Random Act Calla Lily Map: A Snapshot of Earthday 2013

The Random Act Calla Lily map, part of the larger series, encapsulates the essence of Earthday 2013. Through this creation, Andrea LaHue and Random Act Projects initiated a dialogue on the intersection of art, environmentalism, and community engagement.


Andrea LaHue’s “Calla Lilies for Earthday 2013” map series stands as a testament to the power of art in conveying messages of environmental stewardship. The collaboration with Random Act Projects not only beautified the streets of Los Angeles but also served as a reminder of the delicate harmony between nature and urban life. The Calla Lilies, immortalized through paste up and acrylic paint, continue to bloom in the collective memory, fostering a connection between art enthusiasts and the natural world.

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