Captain Kris – ARTSCAPE FORM: A Mural Masterpiece

captain kris artscape form captain kris

Creator Profile

  • Name: Captain Kris
  • Century of Activity: 21st Century



“Captain Kris – ARTSCAPE FORM” is a striking mural that exemplifies the artistic prowess of Captain Kris.


  • Artist: Captain Kris

Date and Location

  • Date Created: 21st Century
  • Location Created: Linköping, Sweden
  • Specific Location: Berga, Linköping

Physical Dimensions

The Artistic Process

Working After Sunset

The mural came to life as Captain Kris worked diligently after sunset in the borough of Berga, Linköping. The choice of this specific time adds an element of mystery and intrigue to the creation process.


Medium: Spray Paint

Captain Kris, true to the street art ethos, employed spray paint as the primary medium. This choice not only aligns with the spontaneity often associated with street art but also allows for vibrant colors and intricate details.

Art Movement: Street Art

“ARTSCAPE FORM” falls within the realm of Street Art, a dynamic and evolving movement that often challenges traditional notions of art by taking it to the streets.

Art Form: Street Art Mural

As a mural, “ARTSCAPE FORM” transcends the confines of conventional art spaces, making a bold statement in the public domain.


“Captain Kris – ARTSCAPE FORM” stands as a testament to Captain Kris’s ability to transform urban landscapes into captivating visual experiences. Through the medium of spray paint and the dynamic nature of street art, Captain Kris contributes to the rich tapestry of artistic expression in Linköping, Sweden. The mural’s presence in Berga adds an extra layer of significance, intertwining the artwork with the local community and creating a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

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