Charlie Granberg: Expressing ARTSCAPE FORM

charlie granberg artscape form charlie granberg


  • Title: Charlie Granberg – ARTSCAPE FORM
  • Creator: Charlie Granberg
  • Date Created: 21st Century
  • Location Created: Motala, Sweden

Inspiration from Ekön Residents

Charlie Granberg, a contemporary street artist, crafted an “Untitled” mural inspired by the drawings created by the inhabitants of Ekön in Motala. Granberg’s work reflects a deep connection to the local community and is a testament to the collaboration between the artist and the residents.

The Creative Vision

The mural stands as a remarkable representation of Granberg’s engagement with the residents’ drawings, encapsulating their expressions and translating them onto a larger canvas. Using spray paint as his medium of choice, Granberg skillfully transformed the collective artistic spirit of the community into a visually striking piece of street art.

Embracing Street Art Movements

Granberg’s work embodies the essence of the Street Art movement, displaying the fusion of individual creativity and community involvement. By integrating the residents’ drawings into a mural painting, Granberg elevates the artistic voice of the local population onto a public and prominent platform.

Medium and Form

Utilizing spray paint, Granberg’s mural captures the essence of street art’s raw and spontaneous nature. The piece, being of considerable physical dimensions, visually expands the impact of the residents’ contributions, transforming ordinary surfaces into vibrant and dynamic art pieces.


Granberg’s “Untitled” mural within the ARTSCAPE FORM reflects the convergence of various artistic elements, merging the individual expressions of residents into a cohesive and compelling visual narrative. This collaborative work not only showcases Granberg’s talent but also celebrates the unique artistic contributions of the Ekön community in Motala, Sweden.

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