Collaboration: Christina Angelina, EaseOne, Stephen Williams Mural at South Park

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Title: Christina Angelina, EaseOne, Stephen Williams_Mural_South Park

  • Creators: Do Art Foundation, EaseOne, Stephen V Williams, Christina Angelina
  • Date Created: 2015-02-24
  • Location: 1317 S. Hope St. Los Angeles, 34.039104,-118.266352

Artistry at South Park: A Collaborative Masterpiece

Located at 1317 S. Hope St. Los Angeles, a collaborative mural stands as a testament to artistic unity and shared creativity. Curated by the Do Art Foundation, this piece brings together the talents of three prominent artists: EaseOne, Stephen V Williams, and Christina Angelina.

The Collective Creative Vision

Captured on February 24, 2015, this mural epitomizes a fusion of diverse artistic styles and expressions. The collaborative effort harmonizes the individual talents of Christina Angelina, EaseOne, and Stephen Williams, crafting a visual symphony that graces the walls of South Park.

Photographs by Phil Sanchez: A Visual Journey

Documenting this magnificent artwork is the lens of Phil Sanchez, a photographer who captured the essence and grandeur of the mural’s beauty. Through his photography, the world could witness the sheer magnificence of the artistic endeavor encapsulated within the boundaries of South Park.


The Christina Angelina, EaseOne, Stephen Williams_Mural at South Park represents not just a mural but a shared canvas where distinct artistic voices blend into a harmonious visual narrative. The collaboration curated by Do Art Foundation in Los Angeles serves as a beacon of collaborative artistry, bringing together the talents of seasoned artists to grace the streets of the city with creativity and vibrancy.

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