Sead, Apu, and the Art of Chrome Lettering

Sead, Apu, and the Art of Chrome Lettering
Sead, Apu, and the Art of Chrome Lettering

Artist and Project Details

  • Artists: Sead, Apu
  • Date: 2012
  • Location: Pantin, France

Understanding Chrome Lettering

In the world of graffiti and street art, chrome refers to a style of lettering filled in with silver-colored aerosol paint. This technique allows for easier application on various mediums compared to colored spray paint. Chromes, characterized by their silver fill, often grace urban spaces, railway lines, and subway tunnels. Despite prioritizing readability, chromes can possess stylized elements akin to traditional graffiti works.

Chromes in Pantin

Pantin, France, serves as a canvas for numerous examples of chromes. The city’s brick and concrete surfaces perfectly accommodate this form of lettering. Chromes, executed in silver aerosol, adorn both the exteriors and interiors of buildings throughout Pantin. This urban landscape provides ample opportunity for Sead, Apu, and other artists to showcase their chrome-style artworks.

Sead and Apu Collaboration

Sead and Apu collaborated on the “Chrome – Sead – Apu” project as part of GRAFFITI GENERAL in Pantin, France. While Sead takes the lead in this endeavor, Apu stands as a co-creator, contributing to the creation of these chrome-style artworks.


Sead and Apu’s exploration of chrome lettering within the GRAFFITI GENERAL project in Pantin, France, showcases their expertise in this distinctive style of street art. Their collaboration has brought forward an array of chrome-style works, accentuating the urban landscape of Pantin with silver-hued lettering, blending readability with artistic stylization in this expressive form of urban art.

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