Creator: Bandit, MD MN, Happy Yarg


Creator: Bandit, MD MN, Happy Yarg

Date Created: 2014-05

Physical Location: 7753 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90046

Unveiling Earth Day Splendor: #earthdaystreet2014 Mural Extravaganza

Earth Day Celebration Takes to the Streets

In the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, California, a trio of street artists—Bandit, MD MN, and Happy Yarg—joined forces to celebrate Earth Day in May 2014. This collaborative masterpiece, immortalized under the hashtag #earthdaystreet2014, became a visual ode to the planet we call home.

Famefest Yard at Sportie LA: The Canvas of Creation

The mural unfolded within the Famefest yard at Sportie LA, situated off Melrose Avenue. This iconic location served as the canvas for the artists to express their creativity, turning the nondescript wall into a vibrant testament to environmental consciousness.

Capturing the Moment: Andrea LaHue’s Lens

Andrea LaHue, a prominent figure in the street art scene and the driving force behind Random Act Projects, captured the essence of this collaboration through her lens. The resulting photograph serves as a testament to the ephemeral beauty of street art and the collective effort to commemorate Earth Day.

Details Unveiled: Spray-painted Symphony for Earth

  • Medium: Spray paint
  • Location Created: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Subject Keywords: #earthdaystreet, earthday, earth day
  • Rights: Andrea LaHue

Bandit, MD MN, and Happy Yarg’s collaboration for #earthdaystreet2014 transcends the conventional boundaries of street art. Through the vibrant medium of spray paint, they transformed 7753 Melrose Avenue into a captivating testament to environmental consciousness, capturing the spirit of Earth Day for all to witness.

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