Cleon Peterson: Exploring “Power” at Palais de Tokyo

The Artist: Cleon Peterson

Cleon Peterson, a prominent American artist born in Seattle in 1973, gained recognition for his profound and thought-provoking artworks. His contributions to the world of street art and contemporary art have left an indelible mark on the global artistic landscape.

“Power” at Palais de Tokyo

“Power,” a creation by Cleon Peterson in 2014, emerged as part of an installation at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France. The mural, captured in a photograph by AurĂ©lien Mole, showcases Peterson’s distinct style and thematic exploration.

Cleon Peterson’s Artistic Vision

Peterson’s art often delves into themes of power dynamics, violence, and societal conflict. His bold use of contrasting black and white figures creates stark, visceral imagery, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of power structures and human behavior.

Mural as a Medium

The mural format allowed Peterson to magnify the impact of his message within the Palais de Tokyo. The immersive nature of the artwork within the gallery space conveyed a powerful narrative that resonated with the audience.

Photographic Documentation

The rights to the photograph of “Power” were attributed to AurĂ©lien Mole, encapsulating the mural’s essence and capturing the intensity and visual depth that characterize Cleon Peterson’s artistry.

Legacy and Impact

“Power” at Palais de Tokyo stands as a testament to Cleon Peterson’s ability to evoke emotion and spark conversations about societal structures through art. His impactful visual narratives continue to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.


Cleon Peterson’s creation, “Power,” exhibited at Palais de Tokyo, epitomizes the artist’s talent in using art as a means of exploring societal themes and power dynamics. The mural’s presence within a prestigious art institution like Palais de Tokyo underscores Peterson’s influence and the ability of art to provoke contemplation and discourse on crucial societal issues.

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