2 Sick Bastards: Unveiling “Clown” in Bogotá’s Street Art Scene

The Artwork: “Clown”

In the bustling streets of Bogotá, Colombia, the enigmatic duo known as 2 Sick Bastards left an indelible mark with their creation simply titled “Clown.” Executed in 2011, this piece stands as a testament to the duo’s artistic prowess and creative vision.

The Artists: 2 Sick Bastards

2 Sick Bastards, a mysterious duo within Bogotá’s street art culture, remain relatively unknown beyond their artistic contributions. Their identity veiled in anonymity, they’ve garnered attention for their impactful and thought-provoking artworks.

Location and Artistic Impact

“Clown” emerged within the vibrant context of Bogotá’s street art scene, adding to the city’s diverse array of urban artworks. Placed within the city’s landscape, this piece by 2 Sick Bastards contributed to the cultural richness of Bogotá’s streets.

Unveiling “Clown”

The mural “Clown” is a testament to 2 Sick Bastards’ style, which often involves compelling imagery and a depth of storytelling. Their artwork encapsulates emotions and narratives that resonate with the viewers, eliciting contemplation and engagement.

Contribution to Street Art Culture

The duo’s contribution to Bogotá’s street art scene goes beyond the confines of conventional artistry. Through their murals like “Clown,” 2 Sick Bastards provoke thoughts, evoke emotions, and contribute to the dialogue surrounding societal themes and urban expression.


“Clown” by 2 Sick Bastards represents a snapshot of Bogotá’s vibrant street art landscape. Though details about the artists remain shrouded in mystery, their artwork continues to intrigue, provoke, and contribute to the dynamic cultural fabric of Bogotá’s streets.

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