Pantonio: Unveiling the Artistry of Coelho in Paris

coelho pantonio

Discovering Coelho by Pantonio

Pantonio, a Portuguese artist born in 1975, showcases his artistry under the pseudonym “Coelho.” In 2014, he contributed a significant piece of work under this alias, titled “Coelho,” a testament to his vibrant and dynamic artistic style.

Parisian Creation: 7 rue René Gosciny

In the heart of Paris, France, at 7 rue René Gosciny, Pantonio’s “Coelho” mural emerged, depicting his distinctive style. While details about the mural’s specific content remain undisclosed, the location served as a canvas for Pantonio’s creativity and visual expression.

Acrylic on Canvas: Pantonio’s Medium of Choice

The piece “Coelho” is crafted with acrylic on canvas, reflecting Pantonio’s proficiency and versatility in utilizing various mediums to bring his artistic vision to life. Known for his immersive and captivating artwork, Pantonio’s style often features flowing, organic forms that weave a narrative through their fluidity.

Galerie Itinerrance: Showcasing Pantonio’s Works

The provenance of “Coelho” aligns with Galerie Itinerrance, a notable art gallery that champions street art and has been instrumental in providing platforms for renowned artists like Pantonio to exhibit their work. Pantonio’s affiliation with this gallery signifies the recognition and acclaim his art has received within the contemporary art scene.

Conclusion: Pantonio’s Coelho in Parisian Streets

Pantonio, under the guise of Coelho, continues to leave an artistic imprint with his murals, including the captivating piece located at 7 rue René Gosciny in Paris. While specific details about the mural’s narrative remain undisclosed, its existence serves as a testament to Pantonio’s skill, adding vibrancy and allure to the streets of Paris.

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