Crisisystem: The Artistic Manifestation by koloWn

Crisisystem: The Artistic Manifestation by koloWn
Crisisystem: The Artistic Manifestation by koloWn

Title: Crisisystem

  • Creator: koloWn
  • Creator Lifespan: January 2007
  • Date: 2010
  • Location Created: Hong Kong

koloWn: Pioneers of Ambiguity in Street Art

Establishing Presence Since 2007

Founded in January 2007, koloWn, a Filipino street art project, has become synonymous with pushing the boundaries of conventional art. The name koloWn draws inspiration from Colon Street, the oldest street in the Philippines, and is infused with the concept of colonialism. From its inception, the mission of koloWn was clear – to kolownize every conceivable space.

Evolution into a Brand: Selling Ambiguous Ideas

From Street Art to a Branding Phenomenon

What began as a street art initiative has evolved into a multifaceted brand. KoloWn has successfully transformed itself into a platform that sells ambiguous ideas. The brand employs a diverse range of techniques and styles, creating a repertoire of bizarre and thought-provoking products that challenge traditional norms.

The KoloWn Network: Collaboration in Ambiguity

A Network of Individual Producers

KoloWn operates as more than just a traditional art project. It functions as a network comprising individual workers and producers. This network operates with a unique dynamic – individuals may or may not be known to each other, yet they collectively contribute to the overarching vision of koloWn.

Crisisystem Unveiled in Hong Kong: Street Art Beyond Borders

Taking the Ambiguous Message to Hong Kong

In 2010, koloWn unveiled “Crisisystem” in the bustling streets of Hong Kong. The work, a testament to the brand’s ability to transcend geographical boundaries, brought the enigmatic and provocative style of koloWn to an international audience.

Explore Ambiguity at

A Digital Portal to Ambiguous Realms

For those intrigued by the world of koloWn, the official website serves as a digital portal. Here, visitors can delve into the diverse portfolio of koloWn’s creations, gaining insight into the brand’s journey from street art to a powerhouse of ambiguous ideas.

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