DjLu and Toxicómano: Collaborative Street Art – “Cultura calle”

cultura calle toxicC3%B3mano and djlu

The Artwork: “Cultura calle”

In the vibrant streets of Bogotá, Colombia, the collaborative efforts of Toxicómano and DjLu birthed the compelling creation known as “Cultura calle.” Crafted in 2013, this piece stands as a testament to their artistic synergy and shared vision.

The Artists: DjLu and Toxicómano

DjLu and Toxicómano are celebrated figures within Bogotá’s street art scene, known for their individual styles and collective ventures. Their collaboration on “Cultura calle” represents a fusion of distinct artistic voices converging to create a captivating piece.

Location and Artistic Fusion

“Cultura calle” emerged within the bustling streets of Bogotá, Colombia, contributing to the city’s rich tapestry of urban art. The collaborative effort between DjLu and Toxicómano embodies a convergence of styles, techniques, and creative energies.

Symbolism and Impact

The artwork “Cultura calle” is a canvas that speaks volumes, encapsulating symbolism, social commentary, and a shared narrative. DjLu and Toxicómano’s collaborative piece engages viewers, prompting reflection and dialogue on societal themes and cultural significance.

Contribution to Bogotá’s Street Art Scene

Their joint effort transcends the conventional boundaries of street art, infusing their creation with layers of depth and meaning. “Cultura calle” serves as a testament to their individual talents while showcasing the power of collaborative artistic endeavors.


“Cultura calle” by DjLu and Toxicómano stands as a beacon within Bogotá’s vibrant street art landscape. Through their collaborative effort, these artists have created an evocative piece that not only adds to the visual allure of the city but also sparks conversations, evokes emotions, and invites viewers to immerse themselves in the layers of creativity woven into this compelling artwork.

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