Filipino Street Art by killingwithcuteness and Cozythrias

cute eye boration killingwithcuteness cozythrias

Artists’ Collaboration

The Filipino Street Art Project in Metro Manila, Philippines, witnessed a collaboration between artists killingwithcuteness and Cozythrias. Their joint effort led to the creation of a project titled “Cute eye boration,” contributing to the vibrant street art scene in the region.

Creators’ Profile

The detailed lifespan and specific background information about killingwithcuteness and Cozythrias remain unknown. However, their collaborative artwork showcased their collective creative vision and prowess in the realm of street art.

Location of Creation

The artwork “Cute eye boration” took shape on Banner Ave., 4th Estate, ParaƱaque, within Metro Manila, Philippines. This location served as the canvas for their expression, turning a public space into an art gallery for passersby to appreciate.

Artistic Medium

Using acrylic paint, killingwithcuteness and Cozythrias brought their creativity to life through street art. Their choice of medium allowed for vibrant colors and intricate details, engaging viewers with their unique artistic style.

Conclusion: Art in Urban Spaces

The collaboration between killingwithcuteness and Cozythrias for the Filipino Street Art Project exemplifies the transformative power of street art. Their joint creation, “Cute eye boration,” adds a touch of creativity and vibrancy to the urban landscape of Metro Manila, providing an artistic experience for the community to enjoy.

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