Delphinium Stencil by Andrea LaHue: An Artistic Offering

delphinium stencil andrea lahue random act and andrea lahue

The Artist: Andrea LaHue

In 2011, Andrea LaHue, known for her compelling street art creations, collaborated with Random Act Projects in Los Angeles, California, USA, to produce a rare and striking stencil piece titled “Delphinium Stencil.”

A Unique Stencil Art

LaHue’s collaboration with Random Act resulted in the creation of a rare stencil art piece, depicting a blue Delphinium flower. This artwork stands out as a cross-country random act of flowers, serving as a unique and special addition to the streets of Los Angeles.

Creative Collaboration

The collaboration between Random Act and Andrea LaHue showcased their combined creativity and dedication to using street art as a medium for spreading beauty and inspiration. The Blue Delphinium stencil serves as a testament to their joint effort to bring art to the public sphere.

Location and Rights

The physical location and origin of this remarkable artwork are situated in Los Angeles, California, USA. Andrea LaHue rightfully holds the rights to this hand-painted piece, signifying her ownership and artistic contribution to the vibrant street art scene in the city.


The “Delphinium Stencil” by Andrea LaHue in collaboration with Random Act Projects stands as an embodiment of the artists’ shared vision to bring art to unexpected corners and brighten public spaces with the beauty of nature’s blooms. This unique stencil piece adds a touch of creative elegance to the streets of Los Angeles, providing a moment of artistic respite for passersby.

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