Nomerz’s “Dentist”: A Graffiti Marvel in Ekaterinburg

Title: Dentist

Creator: Nomerz

Date Created: July 2011

Physical Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia, Voevodina, 4B

Location Created: Ekaterinburg, Russia, Voevodina, 4B

Location Coordinates: 60.601478 (Longitude), 56.835505 (Latitude)

Art Genre: Graffiti

Art Movement: Street Art

The Canvas of Voevodina, 4B: Unveiling Nomerz’s “Dentist”

In the dynamic city of Ekaterinburg, Russia, the walls of Voevodina, 4B, tell a unique story. The narrative isn’t inscribed in conventional ink or paint, but in the vibrant strokes of graffiti. The masterpiece titled “Dentist” belongs to the portfolio of the enigmatic artist known as Nomerz.

Nomerz: An Artist of the Streets

Nomerz, an artist whose identity aligns with the mysterious allure often associated with street artists, created “Dentist” in July 2011. This work is a testament to Nomerz’s ability to transform ordinary urban spaces into extraordinary canvases.

Location Significance: Ekaterinburg, Russia

The physical location of “Dentist” is Ekaterinburg, a city that becomes both the muse and the gallery for Nomerz’s artistic expressions. Voevodina, 4B, serves as a backdrop for this particular creation, contributing to the city’s ever-evolving artistic landscape.

Geographical Coordinates: A Pinpoint on the Map of Creativity

The mural’s geographical coordinates, 60.601478 (Longitude) and 56.835505 (Latitude), precisely mark the spot where “Dentist” engages with the urban topography. These coordinates not only guide enthusiasts to the physical location but also serve as a nod to the growing intersection of technology and art.

Graffiti as Art: The Genre and Movement

“Dentist” belongs to the genre of graffiti, a form of visual expression that finds its roots in the streets. Nomerz, operating within the broader movement of street art, brings graffiti to life, challenging the traditional boundaries of where art can thrive.

Conclusion: Nomerz’s “Dentist” as Urban Poetry

In the heart of Ekaterinburg, Nomerz’s “Dentist” isn’t just an artistic endeavor; it’s a form of urban poetry. The streets of Voevodina, 4B, resonate with the energy of creativity, and every stroke on the wall adds another verse to the ongoing narrative crafted by Nomerz in July 2011.

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