Romain Froquet: A Glimpse into “Detail”


Romain Froquet, a French artist born in 1982, contributed a significant artwork titled “Detail” in 2012 under the auspices of 9eme Concept in Paris, France. This creation emerged as a testament to Froquet’s artistic prowess and his ability to craft evocative pieces within the realm of “dessein.”

The Artistic Maestro

Born in 1982, Romain Froquet stands as a beacon of artistic talent within the French art scene. His dedication to his craft and his contributions to the art world have solidified his place among notable contemporary artists.

Unveiling “Detail”

“Detail,” an artwork created in 2012 by Romain Froquet, remains a testament to his mastery in the realm of “dessein.” The specifics of this creation and its thematic elements remain a mystery, leaving an air of intrigue around Froquet’s artistic expression.

Provenance: Romain Froquet

As the creator of “Detail,” Froquet’s provenance underscores his dedication to preserving the authenticity and creative essence of his work. This piece stands as a testament to Froquet’s commitment to his artistic vision.

Parisian Roots and Artistic Expression

Created in Paris, “Detail” embodies Froquet’s connection to the dynamic and culturally rich landscape of the French capital. The city’s artistic heritage likely served as a wellspring of inspiration for Froquet, influencing his creative output.

Conclusion of Artistic Revelation

“Detail” by Romain Froquet remains an enigmatic piece within Froquet’s repertoire, offering a glimpse into the artist’s creative expression through “dessein.” While specifics about the artwork’s nature are undisclosed, its existence serves as a testament to Froquet’s artistic evolution and his enduring impact on the French art scene.

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