Unveiling “Details 8” in Łódź, Poland

The Collaborative Creativity

“Details 8” is a collaborative masterpiece produced by a group of prominent artists, including Proembrion, Cekas, Sepe, Tone, and Chazme. This collective effort brought together their diverse artistic perspectives to create a vibrant mural in the city of Łódź, Poland.

The Year of Creation: 2014

This artwork came to life in 2014, gracing the streets of Łódź with its visual allure and artistic finesse. The collaborative efforts of these acclaimed artists resulted in a unique and captivating creation that blended their individual styles into a harmonious display of creativity.

Urban Forms Gallery: Fostering Artistic Expression

The mural “Details 8” found its canvas at the Urban Forms Gallery in Łódź. This initiative served as a platform for artists to express their creativity on the city’s walls, transforming urban spaces into vibrant art galleries accessible to all.

Location: Morcinka 2, Łódź, Poland

The mural “Details 8” was prominently displayed at Morcinka 2, situated in the heart of Łódź. This strategic location ensured that the art piece was accessible and visible to locals and visitors alike, contributing to the city’s cultural landscape.


The collaborative efforts of Proembrion, Cekas, Sepe, Tone, and Chazme in the creation of “Details 8” showcased a fusion of artistic talents, adding a striking visual element to the cityscape of Łódź, Poland. This mural, housed within the Urban Forms Gallery, remains a testament to the power of collective creativity and continues to captivate onlookers with its artistic brilliance.

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