Diamonds: Above’s Mural Masterpiece

diamonds above

Title: Diamonds

Creator: Above

Creator Lifespan: Unknown

Date: 2014-09-09/2014-09-12

Location Created: 124 Railroad St, Rochester, NY 14609

Type: Mural

Rights: Artwork © the respective artist Photograph © Mark Deff for WALL\THERAPY

Medium: Spray Paint

Unveiling Above’s Diamonds: A Mural Extravaganza

The Artwork: Diamonds by Above

Dazzling and geometric, Diamonds is a mural masterpiece crafted by the elusive artist known as Above. Unveiled between September 9th and 12th, 2014, as part of the WALL\THERAPY initiative, this mural captivates with its intricate design and vibrant hues.

The Enigma: Above’s Unknown Lifespan

Above, the creative genius behind Diamonds, maintains an air of mystery, with details about the artist’s lifespan shrouded in anonymity. This deliberate obscurity adds to the allure of Above’s creations, allowing the focus to remain on the art itself.

Date Unveiled: September 9th-12th, 2014 – A Limited Spectacle

The limited window of September 9th to 12th, 2014, marked the exclusive showcase of Diamonds. This temporal specificity adds an ephemeral quality to the mural, inviting viewers to savor its brilliance during this fleeting period.

Location: 124 Railroad St, Rochester, NY 14609 – Transforming Urban Spaces

Situated at 124 Railroad St, Rochester, NY 14609, Diamonds breathes life into the urban landscape. Above’s choice of location underscores the transformative power of street art, turning ordinary spaces into vibrant canvases.

Type: Mural – Beyond Traditional Canvases

Diamonds falls under the category of murals, transcending the constraints of traditional art spaces. Its expansive scale allows Above to convey a visual narrative that engages and captivates those who encounter it.

Artistic Rights and Medium: Spray Paint Mastery

The artistic rights for Diamonds belong to the respective artist, Above, while the photograph rights are attributed to Mark Deff for WALL\THERAPY. The medium employed for this mural is spray paint, showcasing Above’s mastery over this dynamic and challenging form.

Conclusion: A Radiant Legacy

In the realm of street art, Diamonds by Above is more than a mural; it’s a radiant legacy etched onto the walls of Rochester. The interplay of form, color, and enigma makes Diamonds a testament to Above’s artistic brilliance, ensuring its memory continues to sparkle in the minds of those fortunate enough to have witnessed its fleeting brilliance.

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