Exploring “E state” by Street Artist 999

e state

Title: E state

Creator: 999

Date: 2012

Location: Parco Michelotti, Turin, Italy

Medium: Paint on Wall

Provenance: Pasquale Colaci, 2012

Rights: Creative Commons

External Link: SAM as I am (Link Not Provided)

Unveiling “E state”: A Visual Odyssey

In the vibrant landscape of street art, where walls become canvases and narratives unfold through the strokes of a spray can, one piece stands out—”E state” by the enigmatic street artist known as 999. Let’s delve into the details of this captivating mural that graced Parco Michelotti in Turin, Italy, in the year 2012.

999: The Artist Behind the Veil

“Creator Lifespan: 1987”
“Creator Nationality: Italian”
“Creator Gender: Male”

Little is known about the artist behind the moniker 999, adding an air of mystery to the creation. Born in 1987 and hailing from Italy, this male street artist, like many in the genre, lets his work speak volumes while keeping his identity veiled.

E state: A Snapshot in Time

The mural titled “E state” is a snapshot frozen in the canvas of Parco Michelotti. Created in the year 2012, this piece encapsulates the essence of a particular moment, echoing the artist’s perspective on the state of being or the passing of a season, as suggested by the title.

Parco Michelotti: A Canvas of Expression

“Location Created: Parco Michelotti, Turin, Italy”

Turin’s Parco Michelotti served as the expansive canvas for 999’s creative expression. Known for its lush greenery and as a hub of cultural activity, the park became a backdrop for this mural, transforming it into a visual spectacle for both locals and visitors.

Creative Commons: Sharing Artistic Freedom

“Rights: Creative Commons”

“E state” carries the mark of Creative Commons, a licensing approach that aligns with the spirit of street art. Embracing the principles of sharing and openness, Creative Commons allows the work to transcend its physical location, resonating with a broader audience in the digital realm.

SAM as I am: Nurturing Street Art

“External Link: SAM as I am (Link Not Provided)”

The piece finds its place in the SAM Street Art Museum’s collection, adding to the rich tapestry of street art documented by Pasquale Colaci in 2012. SAM as I am serves as a platform, echoing the ethos of street art and preserving these ephemeral creations for enthusiasts and scholars alike.

A Medium of Paint on Wall

The medium employed by 999 for “E state” is traditional yet timeless—paint on wall. This choice underscores the artist’s commitment to the fundamentals of mural creation, where the tactile experience of paint meeting wall becomes an integral part of the artistic process.

In conclusion, “E state” by street artist 999 invites viewers to explore the intersection of temporality and artistic expression. As the mural remains etched in the walls of Parco Michelotti, its legacy extends into the digital realm, embodying the spirit of street art’s transient yet enduring nature.

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