The Street Artist: Elle

elle williamsburg elle

The “Elle, Williamsburg” Creation

Elle, an American street artist, left an indelible mark with the artwork “Elle, Williamsburg,” situated at 156 N 11th St in New York, United States. This piece, created in 2012 and showcased at The Street Museum of Art, exemplifies the artist’s distinctive style and contribution to the urban art scene.

Elle’s Identity and Nationality

Elle’s personal information, including their lifespan, remains unknown. However, as an American artist, Elle’s work speaks volumes about their talent, vision, and impact within the street art community.

Location and Provenance

The artwork’s placement in Williamsburg, New York, highlights Elle’s engagement with the city’s vibrant artistic spaces. The piece’s provenance, linked to Elle, underscores the artist’s direct involvement in the creation and exhibition of this wheat paste artwork.

Wheat Paste Artistry

“Elle, Williamsburg” is categorized as a wheat paste artwork, a technique involving the application of a paste made from wheat flour and water to adhere posters or prints onto surfaces. Elle’s choice of this medium demonstrates a deliberate and calculated approach to street art, utilizing unconventional methods to showcase their artistic expression.

The Street Museum of Art and Rights

The artwork’s association with The Street Museum of Art offers insight into Elle’s contribution to curated street art exhibitions. Additionally, Elle holds the rights to the piece, highlighting the artist’s ownership and control over their creative output.


Elle’s “Elle, Williamsburg” wheat paste artwork encapsulates the artist’s influence and artistic imprint within the street art landscape of New York City. Despite limited information about the artist, the piece’s presence at The Street Museum of Art, along with its location and distinct medium, solidifies Elle’s contribution to the urban art scene, inviting contemplation and admiration from art enthusiasts and passersby alike.

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