Faile’s Stencil Art in Williamsburg

faile williamsburg faile

Artist Overview

  • Name: Faile
  • Lifespan: Unknown
  • Nationality: American

Faile, a renowned street artist, left an intriguing mark in the Williamsburg area of New York City in 2012. Known for their distinctive stencil art, Faile has been an influential figure in the urban art scene.

Street Museum of Art Exhibition

Faile’s artwork was notably featured as part of the exhibition hosted by The Street Museum of Art. The location of this particular creation was at 217 N 9th St, New York, United States.

Stencil Artistry

Faile’s stencil art has captivated audiences with its intricate designs and compelling visuals. The artist’s unknown lifespan has added an air of mystery to their persona, allowing the artwork to speak for itself.

Provenance and Rights

The piece, titled “Faile, Williamsburg,” stands as a testament to the artist’s signature style. As the provenance and rights belong to Faile, the artwork remains under the artist’s ownership.

External Links

The Street Museum of Art serves as a platform for showcasing urban art, allowing artists like Faile to reach broader audiences.

Faile’s stencil art in Williamsburg continues to be an integral part of the urban landscape, contributing to the rich tapestry of street art in New York City.

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