Faith47’s Montreal Masterpiece: “Scientia et Labore”

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A Mural of Wisdom and Labor

“Title: Faith47 ‘Scientia et Labore’ Montreal”

In the vibrant city of Montreal, the South African street artist Faith47 left an indelible mark with the mural titled “Scientia et Labore.” Executed in 2013, this masterpiece is a testament to Faith47’s skill in bringing together art and profound themes, sponsored by Montana and Do Art Foundation.

Creators and Sponsors

“Creator: Faith 47, Do Art Foundation”
“Date Created: 2013”
“Location: Montreal, QC”

Faith47, a prominent figure in the global street art scene, collaborated with the Do Art Foundation to bring “Scientia et Labore” to life. The mural stands as a visual embodiment of their shared commitment to fostering art in public spaces. Located in Montreal, QC, this mural engages with the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

Meaning Behind the Art

“Details: ‘Scientia et Labore’ painted by Faith47 and sponsored by Montana and Do Art Foundation. Photographed by Alejandro Figueroa.”

The title, “Scientia et Labore,” translates to “Knowledge and Labor.” Faith47’s work often delves into deep philosophical and social themes, and this mural is no exception. Through intricate details and symbolic elements, the artist invites viewers to contemplate the intersection of wisdom and labor in our collective human experience.

Photographic Captivation

“Photographed by Alejandro Figueroa.”

Alejandro Figueroa’s lens captured the essence of “Scientia et Labore,” freezing in time the details, textures, and emotions embedded in Faith47’s creation. The photograph not only serves as documentation but also as a means to share the mural’s visual impact with a broader audience.

Conclusion: Faith47’s Global Artistic Imprint

“Scientia et Labore” in Montreal is a chapter in Faith47’s global artistic journey. With themes that resonate universally, Faith47’s work goes beyond geographical boundaries, sparking conversations and reflections on the intricacies of human existence.

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