The Street Artist: DaBro

The Street Artist: DaBro
The Street Artist: DaBro

“Farhat Hached” Mural in Paris

The mural titled “Farhat Hached” created by the artist DaBro in Paris stands as a notable piece within the vibrant street art landscape of the city. Despite limited available details about the creator, DaBro’s work in 2014 added to the visual tapestry of Street Art 13, showcasing an undisclosed but striking contribution to the Parisian streets.

The Enigmatic DaBro

DaBro remains an enigmatic figure within the realm of street art, with sparse information available about the artist themselves. However, their artistic expression through the “Farhat Hached” mural highlights DaBro’s ability to communicate messages or pay tribute through visual means, leaving an impression on the Parisian street art scene.

Mural Specifics and Location

The specifics regarding the type or style of the mural remain undisclosed. However, its creation in 2014 in Paris, France, underscores the artist’s participation in the Street Art 13 movement, contributing an unnamed but impactful piece to the streets of Paris.

Legacy and Contribution

While details about the artist and the mural’s exact nature remain undisclosed, DaBro’s “Farhat Hached” mural forms part of the mosaic of Parisian street art. This contribution, albeit mysterious, adds depth and diversity to the city’s urban art landscape, inviting interpretation and contemplation from passersby.


The “Farhat Hached” mural by DaBro in Paris remains an intriguing yet mysterious piece within the realm of street art. Despite the unknown details about the creator and the specifics of the mural, its existence within the Street Art 13 movement in Paris contributes to the city’s rich tapestry of urban artistry, leaving an enigmatic mark for observers to admire and decipher.

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