Treepack’s “Flower”: Commemorating Tragedy with Street Art

flower treepack

Unveiling “Flower”: Treepack’s Poignant Mural

Treepack, the creative force behind “Flower,” has left an indelible mark on the streets of Leuven, Belgium. This poignant mural, created in 2022, serves as a testament to Treepack’s ability to capture the nuances of human experience, commemorating a tragic event with grace and respect.

The Artist’s Canvas: Treepack’s Murals and Street Art

Treepack, known for their expertise in murals and street art, transformed the urban landscape of Leuven with “Flower.” This artwork is not just a visual spectacle but a poignant exploration of human emotions and the capacity of art to encapsulate profound narratives.

A Tragic Theme: Capturing Everyday Life

The theme of “Flower” revolves around a tragic event – a house fire that claimed the lives of two children from the affected family. Treepack’s mural captures the raw emotions associated with this incident, offering a scene of everyday life marked by loss and remembrance.

The Imaginative Design: Teddy Bears and Child’s Drawing

In “Flower,” Treepack skillfully portrays two teddy bears hanging a child’s drawing of a flower on the wall. This imaginative design serves as a powerful symbol of innocence and loss, encapsulating the tragedy in a visually compelling and emotionally evocative manner.

Location: Scherpenheuvel, Belgium

The mural found its home in Scherpenheuvel, Belgium, becoming a part of the local landscape. Treepack’s choice of location adds layers of meaning to “Flower,” connecting the artwork with the community and allowing it to resonate on a personal level.

Medium and Rights: Spray Paint on Wall by Treepack

“Flower” comes to life through the medium of spray paint on a wall, showcasing Treepack’s mastery of this urban art form. The rights to this evocative mural belong to Treepack, highlighting the artist’s commitment to their creative vision.

Art Genre and Movement: Scene of Everyday Life in Street Art

“Flower” falls within the art genre of a scene of everyday life, a powerful subcategory within the broader spectrum of street art. Treepack’s work contributes to the movement of street art, transcending traditional boundaries and engaging with the public on an emotional and intellectual level.


Treepack’s “Flower” is more than a mural; it is a heartfelt expression of loss and remembrance. Through the powerful combination of imagery and emotion, Treepack pays tribute to the tragic event in Scherpenheuvel, Belgium, with a mural that invites reflection and commemoration. “Flower” stands as a testament to the transformative power of street art in addressing and navigating the complexities of the human experience.

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