Forever on the Move: Treepack and Simon Mannaerts Collaboration

Forever on the Move: Treepack and Simon Mannaerts Collaboration
Forever on the Move: Treepack and Simon Mannaerts Collaboration

Collaborative Creators: Treepack and Simon Mannaerts

The mural “Forever on the Move,” crafted in 2022, stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of two talented street artists, Treepack and Simon Mannaerts. These artists, hailing from Leuven, Belgium, have made significant strides in the realm of murals and street art, each contributing their unique perspectives and skills to this mesmerizing creation.

Location and Dimensions

The mural spans an impressive 166.8 square meters, transforming the urban landscape of Kalmthout, Belgium, into a vibrant canvas showcasing the collaborative prowess of Treepack and Simon Mannaerts. Situated within this setting, the artwork captivates passersby, inviting them to engage with its scene of everyday life rendered through the street art lens.

Medium and Style

Utilizing spray paint on a wall, the artists infuse their distinctive styles into the mural. While the specific details of the piece are not explicitly outlined, the fusion of their artistic approaches likely contributes to a visually striking and evocative representation. With an emphasis on scenes from everyday life, this mural is poised to resonate with viewers on a relatable and emotive level.

Exploring Street Art as a Movement

“Forever on the Move” is an exemplary embodiment of the street art movement. Through this mural, Treepack and Simon Mannaerts not only express their artistic talents but also contribute to the cultural and visual richness of the urban environment. Their work extends beyond mere aesthetics, serving as a medium for storytelling and connection with the community.

Conclusion of Collaboration

The collaboration between Treepack and Simon Mannaerts in creating “Forever on the Move” exemplifies the power of artistic synergy. Their mural not only adds vibrancy to the streets of Kalmthout but also serves as a testament to the transformative potential of street art. Through their partnership, these artists continue to leave an enduring mark on the landscape of contemporary urban art.

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