Celebrating FUTURA: A Pioneer in Street Art

futura futura


  • Creator: FUTURA
  • Date: 2014
  • Location: Molitor, Paris, France

Unveiling FUTURA: A Stalwart of Street Art

FUTURA, also known as Futura 2000, is an iconic figure in the realm of Street Art. Born in 1955 in Brooklyn and currently residing in New York, he has left an indelible mark on the art world through his avant-garde contributions.

An Artistic Journey

FUTURA embarked on his artistic journey at the young age of 15, exploring the world of painting that would later solidify his position as a pioneer in the Street Art movement. His involvement in numerous exhibitions since the 1980s stands as a testament to his prolific career and influence.

Abstract Expressionism and FUTURA’s Legacy

As a successor to the legacy of Abstract Expressionism, FUTURA’s art echoes the dynamic and free-flowing energy akin to the renowned painter Jackson Pollock. His creations exude an electrifying vitality and an innovative approach that resonates deeply within the Street Art sphere.

The Impact of FUTURA

Renowned for his distinct style and imaginative creativity, FUTURA has significantly shaped the Street Art movement with his avant-garde techniques and visionary outlook. His artistry continues to inspire a new generation of street artists and art enthusiasts globally.

FUTURA’s Contribution to Paris

The notable work of FUTURA in Molitor, Paris, France, showcases his artistic prowess and adds to the vibrant tapestry of street art in this culturally rich city. His legacy reverberates through this creation, offering viewers a glimpse into his distinctive artistic universe.


FUTURA’s artistic journey, characterized by innovation and a relentless quest for creative expression, has solidified his position as a luminary within the Street Art movement. His contributions continue to leave an enduring impact, influencing and reshaping the landscape of contemporary art.

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