Ricky Crespo’s “Góndola de producto: Amor” in Vicente López, Argentina

gC3%B3ndola de producto amor ricky crespo

Creator Profile

  • Artist: Ricky Crespo
  • Date of Birth: October 26, 1970
  • Nationality: Argentinian
  • Gender: Male

Artistic Inspiration and Creation

In 2013, Ricky Crespo embarked on a unique artistic endeavor titled “Góndola de producto: Amor” commissioned by the Municipalidad de Vicente López in the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Crespo’s vision for this mural was deeply rooted in the concept of a site-specific artwork, acknowledging the context of the wall chosen for intervention—a supermarket wall.

Contextualizing the Artwork

The chosen site for the mural served as a transitional space between the city and the river in Vicente López. Inspired by this context, Crespo envisioned an artistic representation that echoed the transitions from day to night, encapsulating the hues of both dawn and dusk seen from a riverside perspective.

Artistic Technique: Synthetic Enamel Paint

Utilizing synthetic enamel water-based paint, Crespo translated his vision onto the wall. He crafted a chromatic arc featuring 24 giant ice creams, progressing from one color and culminating in a gray tone, symbolizing the transition between various shades reminiscent of sunrise and sunset.

Symbolism of “Góndola de producto: Amor”

Crespo transformed the wall into a supermarket aisle, where repetition creates desire and consumption. However, the underlying message transcends commercialism—the product being sold is love. He challenges the notion of love as a commodity, emphasizing its temporality akin to melting ice cream.

Location and Significance

Located in Vicente López, Provincia de Buenos Aires, the mural “Góndola de producto: Amor” stands not just as a visual spectacle but as a thought-provoking piece, engaging with the viewers and prompting reflection on the transient nature of emotions.


Ricky Crespo’s “Góndola de producto: Amor” encapsulates more than vibrant colors and artistic techniques. It embodies a poignant commentary on the commodification of love and transient emotions, offering viewers a multifaceted experience that challenges societal perceptions while adding a unique artistic perspective to the urban landscape of Vicente López, Argentina.

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