Mach505 and Ninja1: Unveiling “Global Warning” at SAM Street Art Museum

global warning

Exploring the Collaborative Murales in Turin, Italy

In the captivating landscape of Torino, Italy, the SAM Street Art Museum proudly hosts a significant piece titled “Global Warning.” Crafted in 2012, this thought-provoking murales stands as a collaboration between street artists Mach505 and Ninja1, aiming to deliver a poignant message regarding global concerns.

Artists Behind “Global Warning”

Born in 1980 and hailing from Italy, Mach505 and Ninja1, both male artists, merged their creative talents to craft this impactful piece. Their collaboration showcased their shared passion for street art as a medium for raising awareness and expressing societal concerns.

Depicting the Urgency of Global Warning

The mural, located in Parco Michelotti in Turin, delves into themes addressing global warning or climate change. Through the medium of paint on wall, the artists attempted to convey the urgency of addressing environmental issues impacting our planet.

SAM Street Art Museum as a Venue

The SAM Street Art Museum served as the platform for hosting this significant piece. The museum’s dedication to showcasing urban artistry aligned with the essence of “Global Warning,” allowing the mural to reach a diverse audience.

Medium and Cultural Impact

Utilizing paint on a wall, Mach505 and Ninja1 embraced the street art culture, utilizing the outdoor space to convey a powerful message. Their choice of medium aimed to make a statement about the importance of recognizing and addressing global environmental challenges.

Provenance and Rights

The piece “Global Warning” was attributed to Livio Ninni in 2012. The rights to the artwork are held under Creative Commons, potentially indicating the openness of the artists to share their creation with the public.

Legacy and Artistic Statement

The mural’s legacy lies not just in its physical presence but in its ability to prompt contemplation and discussions about crucial environmental issues. Mach505 and Ninja1 utilized their artistic skills to transcend the walls of the museum, spreading awareness through their creation.


“Global Warning” by Mach505 and Ninja1 stands as a testament to their collaborative effort in addressing pressing global concerns through the vibrant medium of street art. Their mural continues to engage audiences, serving as a visual reminder of the imperative need to address environmental challenges impacting our world.

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