The Street Artist: 9eme Concept

The Street Artist: 9eme Concept
The Street Artist: 9eme Concept

Collaborative Graffiti Art: “Graffiti Collectif 2012 Black&Basque”

The collaborative efforts of 9eme Concept, a group of French artists, resulted in the remarkable graffiti artwork titled “Graffiti Collectif 2012 Black&Basque.” This fresque, created in 2013 in Bayonne, France, stands as a testament to the collective’s artistic vision and prowess.

The Lifespan and Nationality of the Collective

The collective’s creation in 1971 mirrors the birth of one of the contributing artists or the group’s establishment itself. With French origins and a male gender identity, the group continues to make significant contributions to the street art scene, transcending individual identities to focus on collaborative and collective artistry.

Location and Provenance

The mural, situated in Bayonne, France, serves as an emblem of the collective’s presence in the French street art landscape. Provenance linked to 9eme Concept highlights the group’s association with the creation and curation of this graffiti piece, underscoring their commitment to promoting their distinctive brand of street art.

The Artistic Endeavor: Fresque and Graffiti

Described as a fresque, this artwork represents the collective’s penchant for creating large-scale, impactful murals that become integral parts of the urban environment. The graffiti elements incorporated into the piece further exemplify the diverse artistic techniques and styles employed by the 9eme Concept collective.


“Graffiti Collectif 2012 Black&Basque” by 9eme Concept serves as a testament to the collective’s collaborative and innovative approach to street art. Through their bold use of space, diverse techniques, and commitment to collective expression, the group continues to leave an indelible mark on the street art scene in France, showcasing the power of collaboration in shaping urban landscapes.

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