Illuminating Streets: 9eme Concept at the Black and Basque Festival 2013

graffiti collectif festival black and basque 2013

The Collective’s Creation

In 2013, the renowned French artistic collective, 9eme Concept, showcased their graffiti prowess at the Black and Basque Festival in Bayonne, France. This dynamic event served as a platform for the collective’s vibrant and innovative artistry, leaving an indelible mark on the streets of Bayonne.

Title: Graffiti Collectif – Festival Black and Basque 2013

The mural created by 9eme Concept for the Black and Basque Festival 2013 epitomized the essence of street art, encapsulating the spirit of the festival and the collective’s unique artistic vision. Executed as a fresco, this creation showcased the collective’s penchant for innovative techniques and bold expression through graffiti.

The Collective’s Legacy

Born in 1971, 9eme Concept has been a pioneering force in the realm of French street art. Their mural at the Black and Basque Festival serves as yet another testament to their ingenuity, adding to their rich legacy of street art endeavors.

Conclusion: A Vivid Street Art Showcase

The Graffiti Collectif mural by 9eme Concept at the Black and Basque Festival 2013 stands as a testament to the collective’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of street art. Through their fresco at this festival in Bayonne, the collective showcased their artistry, further solidifying their position as influential figures in the world of French street art.

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