The Artistry of Greg Mike

greg mike greg mike

Greg Mike: The Artist

  • Name: Greg Mike
  • Date of Artwork: 2011
  • Location: Atlanta, GA, United States
  • Physical Location: Atlanta, GA

Greg Mike, a prominent figure in the street art scene, left an indelible mark in 2011 through his mural created under the Living Walls, The City Speaks Inc., project. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Greg Mike’s artistic vision and creativity have contributed significantly to the urban art landscape.

Living Walls 2011: Mural on DeKalb Avenue

The mural created by Greg Mike as part of Living Walls 2011 adorned DeKalb Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. While specifics about the visual content or thematic representation of the mural remain undisclosed, the artwork served as a testament to Greg Mike’s creativity and contribution to the Living Walls project.

Greg Mike’s Artistic Identity

Renowned for his vibrant and dynamic artworks, Greg Mike’s style often blends bold colors, surreal characters, and eye-catching typography. His artistic repertoire spans various mediums, from murals to gallery exhibitions, showcasing his versatility and innovative approach to street art.

Impact and Legacy

The mural by Greg Mike, nestled within the fabric of Atlanta’s urban landscape, contributes to the broader dialogue surrounding street art’s cultural significance. Through his participation in projects like Living Walls, Greg Mike leaves a lasting imprint, inviting viewers to engage with his artistry and conveying messages that resonate within the community.


Greg Mike’s mural from Living Walls 2011 on DeKalb Avenue in Atlanta reflects the artist’s commitment to urban expression and artistic innovation. While details about the specific content of the mural are undisclosed, Greg Mike’s influential presence within the street art realm continues to shape and enrich the visual tapestry of Atlanta, Georgia, leaving an enduring legacy within the city’s artistic landscape.

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