Sourabh Thakur and the “Gulmi” Mural

gulmi sourabh thakur sattya media arts collective

Artist Background

  • Name: Sourabh Thakur
  • Nationality: Nepalese
  • Gender: Male

Sourabh Thakur, associated with the Sattya Media Arts Collective, was involved in the creation of the “Gulmi” mural in Kathmandu, Nepal. Specific details regarding Thakur’s lifespan remain unknown, contributing to the enigmatic nature of the artist’s identity.

Kolor Kathmandu: A Collaborative Project

The “Gulmi” mural was part of the Kolor Kathmandu project initiated by the Sattya Media Arts Collective. This ambitious project aimed to transform the city of Kathmandu into an open-air gallery, merging modern creative expressions with the historical backdrop of ancient temples.

Project Vision and Impact

Kolor Kathmandu facilitated the interaction and collaboration between a diverse pool of local and international artists. The project aimed to foster inspiration and learning among artists, infusing the creative energy onto the walls of the city streets. The murals represented impressions of 75 different districts, showcasing the rich diversity of Nepal’s cultural heritage.

“Gulmi” Mural: Location and Significance

The “Gulmi” mural, located at Sanepa Chowk in Kathmandu, Nepal, is a visual testament to the collaborative efforts of Sourabh Thakur and the Sattya Media Arts Collective. However, specific details about the mural’s visual content or thematic representation remain undisclosed.

Sattya Media Arts Collective

The Sattya Media Arts Collective played a pivotal role in orchestrating the Kolor Kathmandu project. By providing a platform for artists to converge, collaborate, and create, the collective facilitated the transformation of Kathmandu’s streets into vibrant showcases of artistic expression.


Sourabh Thakur’s involvement in the creation of the “Gulmi” mural, as part of the Kolor Kathmandu project led by the Sattya Media Arts Collective, reflects the fusion of contemporary creativity with Nepal’s rich cultural tapestry. The mural, situated in Kathmandu’s urban landscape, serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit and artistic endeavors that enlivened the city’s streets, contributing to the legacy of street art in Nepal.

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