Hitotzuki: Bringing Vibrancy to Malmö

hitotzuki artscape 2017 hitotzuki

The Artist Behind “Untitled”

Hitotzuki, a prominent artist duo consisting of the husband-and-wife team Kami and Sasu, showcased their creativity and expertise in street art during the ARTSCAPE 2017 event held in Malmö, Sweden.

Artistic Creation: “Untitled”

During the event, Hitotzuki contributed a stunning mural painting titled “Untitled.” This artwork served as a testament to their distinctive style and innovative use of spray paint as their primary medium for street art.

Location and Date

The mural “Untitled” by Hitotzuki was brought to life in Torsby, Sweden, in the year 2017. The vibrant and engaging mural added to the artistic landscape of the city, inviting viewers to experience the duo’s unique approach to street art.

Medium and Style

Hitotzuki is known for their mastery of spray paint as a medium. Their style typically involves bold and intricate patterns, often featuring geometric designs, vibrant colors, and celestial themes. This distinct approach creates visually captivating murals that contribute to the urban art scene.

Embracing Street Art Movement

The duo’s contribution to ARTSCAPE 2017 in Malmö showcased their commitment to the street art movement. Through their murals, Hitotzuki aims to transform public spaces into captivating visual experiences, allowing viewers to engage with their art in unconventional settings.


Hitotzuki’s “Untitled” mural in Torsby, Sweden, during ARTSCAPE 2017 represents their unwavering dedication to creating striking street art pieces that not only embellish urban landscapes but also captivate audiences with their unique artistic expression.

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