Christopher “DAZE” Ellis: The Hotel Amazon Legacy

hotel amazon

The Artist: Christopher “DAZE” Ellis

Christopher “DAZE” Ellis, born in 1962 in Puerto Rico and a male artist of American nationality, left an enduring mark on the art scene with his project titled “Hotel Amazon” in 1988. Renowned for his vibrant expressions and urban aesthetic, DAZE’s work exemplifies the dynamism of street art within the cultural landscape.

Hotel Amazon: The Artwork

In 1988, DAZE embarked on the creation of “Hotel Amazon,” a project that unfolded as a series of paintings. The work’s specifics and artistic dimensions are housed within the Museum of the City of New York, indicating its historical and cultural significance within the urban art narrative.

Creator’s Profile

Born in Puerto Rico in 1962, DAZE’s trajectory as an artist is steeped in the American urban art movement. His creative journey showcases a fusion of vibrant colors, intricate designs, and a reflection of the streets through his distinctive style.

Artistic Legacy

As a painter, Christopher “DAZE” Ellis carved his niche within the broader context of street art, showcasing his talent through the “Hotel Amazon” series. The project, now part of the Museum of the City of New York’s collection, serves as a testament to DAZE’s artistic prowess and contribution to the urban art landscape.


Christopher “DAZE” Ellis’s “Hotel Amazon,” realized through a series of paintings in 1988, remains a significant milestone in the artist’s career. His work is not only a representation of his artistic ingenuity but also a vital piece in the cultural and historical narrative of urban art, housed within the esteemed Museum of the City of New York.

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