Okuda & Remed: Streets of Colour in Brussels

hr okuda remed streets of colour brussels okuda remed

Creator: Okuda & Remed

Title: (HR) Okuda & Remed. Streets of Colour. BRUSSELS.
Date Created: 2014
Location Created: Brussels, Belgium
Project: Streets of Colour
Creator Nationality: Spanish
Provenance: NOBULO, Barcelona, Spain

The Collaborative Artistry of Okuda & Remed

In 2014, the collaborative efforts of Okuda and Remed brought vibrant hues and distinctive creativity to the streets of Brussels through their engaging project, “Streets of Colour.” Renowned for their unique styles and imaginative artistry, the duo aimed to transform the urban landscape into a canvas of vivid and dynamic expression.

A Mobile Masterpiece: The Transformed Van

Okuda and Remed took their art beyond the confines of traditional walls. They personalized a van, converting it into a mobile masterpiece that showcased their distinct styles, making the streets of Brussels their moving canvas. The van, an embodiment of their creativity, traveled across the city, captivating onlookers with its vibrant and captivating design.

Project by NOBULO

The Streets of Colour project, where this collaboration thrived, was orchestrated under the banner of NOBULO, an organization based in Barcelona, Spain. The project likely aimed to infuse color, creativity, and contemporary art into urban spaces, pushing the boundaries of traditional street art and engaging with diverse audiences.


Okuda and Remed, celebrated artists in their own right, collaborated to bring a fusion of their unique styles to the streets of Brussels. Their transformed van, mobile and vivid, served as a moving canvas, captivating the public and highlighting the powerful impact of art beyond conventional boundaries.

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