The Artistic Tale of Hypocritz: Dakar’s Graffiti Luminary

hypocritz madzoo

Title: Hypocritz

Creator: Madzoo

Creator Lifespan: 1987-06-24

Creator Nationality: Senegalese

Creator Gender: Male

Creator Birthplace: Dakar

Date: 2014/2014

Location Created: Pont Seydou Nourou Tall

Type: Graffiti

Longitude: -17.459823

Latitude: 14.700423

Discovering Hypocritz: Madzoo’s Urban Alter Ego

Chronicles of Creativity

In the vibrant streets of Dakar, Senegal, Madzoo brought to life an alter ego known as Hypocritz. This graffiti luminary, born on June 24, 1987, has left an indelible mark on the city’s urban landscape.

The Birth of Hypocritz: Street Jam 1st Session

Unveiling the Tag

The genesis of Hypocritz took place during the Street Jam 1st Session in 2014. It was on the iconic Pont Seydou Nourou Tall that Madzoo, with a can of spray paint in hand, birthed this captivating persona.

Senegalese Spirit: Hypocritz’s National Identity

Colors of Culture

Hypocritz is a manifestation of Senegalese creativity and resilience. His work embodies the spirit of Dakar, reflecting the vibrant hues of Senegal’s cultural tapestry.

The Artistic Canvas: Pont Seydou Nourou Tall

Transforming Urban Spaces

Pont Seydou Nourou Tall, the chosen canvas for Hypocritz’s creations, witnessed a metamorphosis. The graffiti on this landmark bridge serves not only as an artistic expression but also as a testament to Dakar’s ever-evolving urban narrative.

Longitude and Latitude: Coordinates of Creativity

Mapping the Murals

The coordinates – Longitude: -17.459823, Latitude: 14.700423 – mark the exact location where Hypocritz’s art comes to life. Each stroke of the spray can contributes to the dynamic geography of Dakar.

Conclusion: Beyond Borders

Graffiti as a Universal Language

Hypocritz, the brainchild of Madzoo, transcends geographical boundaries. His art communicates a universal language of creativity, culture, and identity. In the tapestry of Dakar’s streets, Hypocritz’s graffiti is a vibrant thread, weaving stories for generations to come.

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