Illuminating Torino: Woc’s “Il Tarsio” at SAM Street Art Museum

il tarsio

Unveiling the Vision of Woc

Title: Il Tarsio

Creator: Woc

Date: 2012 – 2012

Location: Parco Michelotti – Turin, Italy

A Glimpse into the Creator’s World

In the vibrant landscape of Torino, Italy, the SAM Street Art Museum became a testament to the creative spirit of Woc. Born in 1987, this Italian street artist left an indelible mark with his mural titled “Il Tarsio,” showcasing his unique vision and contribution to the world of street art.

Woc: A Maestro of Spray

Crafting with Color

Woc, a trailblazer in the realm of Italian street art, brought “Il Tarsio” to life in 2012. His mastery of the spray can became evident as he skillfully translated his imagination onto the walls of Parco Michelotti.

Parco Michelotti: The Canvas of Expression

Where Nature Meets Art

Situated in the heart of Turin, Parco Michelotti served as the canvas for “Il Tarsio.” This public space became an immersive gallery, inviting the community to engage with the intersection of nature and artistic expression.

The Essence of “Il Tarsio”

A Faunal Tribute

“Il Tarsio” is more than a mural; it’s a faunal tribute that captures the essence of Torino’s urban art scene. Woc’s creation, characterized by intricate details and vibrant hues, breathes life into the concept of coexistence between urban landscapes and the natural world.

Woc’s Cultural Impact

Shaping the Streetscape

Woc’s “Il Tarsio” reflects the dynamic cultural impact of street art. Torino, with its rich history and artistic heritage, found a contemporary voice in Woc, who, through his work, contributed to the city’s ever-evolving narrative.

SAM Street Art Museum: A Hub of Creativity

Fostering Artistic Dialogue

As the birthplace of “Il Tarsio,” SAM Street Art Museum played a pivotal role in fostering artistic dialogue. The museum’s commitment to showcasing the diversity of street art provided a platform for Woc’s vision to resonate with a broader audience.

Creative Commons: Open Access to Art

Sharing the Vision

The mural “Il Tarsio” stands under the Creative Commons license, emphasizing Woc’s commitment to open access to art. This licensing choice enables the public to engage, share, and draw inspiration from the vibrant creation without constraints.

Exploring “Il Tarsio” Online

SAM as I Am

For those unable to experience “Il Tarsio” in person, SAM Street Art Museum offers an online exploration through “SAM as I Am.” This digital portal allows art enthusiasts to delve into Woc’s masterpiece and immerse themselves in the nuances of his creative expression.

Conclusion: Legacy in Color

Woc’s “Il Tarsio” is more than a mural; it’s a testament to the transformative power of street art. In a city known for its historical treasures, Woc carved out a space for contemporary narratives, leaving behind a legacy in color that continues to resonate in the streets of Turin.

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